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The Media Room of Karina Fabian

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Event News

Planned events and appearances by month.

02:  Karina publishes her first issue of Faith-Filled Fiction, a newsletter for writers.  Contact her to subscribe
08:  Karina's interview on Kaleidosouls.
14:  Infinite Space, Infinite God recommended on Fr. Joe's Blog.
19:  Karina's Interview in Voice in the Dark E-Zine.
20:  Karina's Interview in Fredericksburg Free-Lance Star. 
25:  Rob gets a squadron command!  Minot, ND, here we come!
28:  Karina's Interview in Life at the Frontier.
07:  Karina's interview in Paladin's Message in a Bottle.
10:  12:00 noon ET:  Guest chat about writing and virtual book tours at
10:  8:00pm ET:  Karina hosts author, editor and publisher Cynthia MacKinnon in the FabChat Room.
12:  Karina on "Marketing for Fun and Profit" on Internet Voices Radio.  Download the interview at  Click here to access the mp3.
Karina's husband and co-editor Rob Fabian is this month's ISIG author.  Check out his interview.
10: EPPIE Awards Banquet.  Infinite Space, Infinite God is a finalist for best SF--will it win?
11:  2 PM (Eastern US Time)  Karina talks about Infinite Space, Infinite God, virtual book touring and the Catholic Writers' Guild  on The Writers' Chat Room.
30:  Announcing the ISIG book trailer!
19:  Lordy, Lordy, I turn 40! 
19:  Join Karina as her own guest on FabChat
28, 29:  Infinite Space, Infinite God featured at the LA Times/UCLA Book Fair.  See Flyer.
17:  Book signing at Salem Church Library, Fredericksburg VA  10-2.
Karina holds the Media Room Workshop on-line through July.
24:  Book Signing at Piux X Parish in Pueblo, CO, before and after Masses.
Infinite Space, Infinite God on a virtual book tour.  Click here for schedule of stops.
The Fabians are on the way to Minot, ND!  Where the best go north!
15:  Infinite Space, Infinite God comes out in print from Twilight Times Books!
Infinite Space, Infinite God is Fiction of the Month at's book club!
8-14:  Karina a panelist at the MuseOnline Writers' Conference.
Thinking of Christmas gifts? Check out Infinite Space, Infinite God: thought-provoking fiction with a Catholic twist!
NaNoWriMo!  Ideas churning, fingers flying, grammar running in fear!  "Editors?  We don't need no stinkin' editors."  "Your mission, if you choose to accept it:  50,000 words in one month."  Impossible?  No--just highly improbable, but I've got the drive.  (What's NaNo?)

This Month: July 2007 

The mystery serial, "Magic, Mensa and Mayhem" in the ND Mensa Newsletter, The Prairie dawg, won the Mensa Publications Recognition Program award for best fiction!
Hooray! The Magic, Mensa and Mayhem manuscript (say it three times fast, come on) is finished!  It's off to critiquers and editors, then to an interested publisher. read more about it and the universe of Dragon Eye, PI at
Karina holds the Media Room Workshop on-line through July.
Get ready for the Infinite Space, Infinite God Virtual Book Tour! Coming August. DETAILS

Previous Events:
November 2006: Karina elected President of the Catholic Writer's Guild.
Dec 15: Infinite Space, Infinite God an EPPIE Finalist.
Karina's December 2006 Virtual Book Tour to Promote Infinite Space, Infinite God:
     Dec 3: (balancing motherhood and writing)

     Dec 4, 7:   (Catholic SF and writing what you know)

     Dec 11: (ISIG goals and audience)

     Dec 13:  (writing while raising children)

     Dec 17: (Catholicism and sci-fi)

     Dec 18-21:  (Faith and Sci Fi)

     Dec 31: (Catholicism and SF)

Read more of, about, and by Karina at!