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The Media Room of Karina Fabian

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Karina L. Fabian was born Karina Lumbert. She lived one of the seemingly rare childhoods, with loving parents in a happy marriage and a terrific sister who was also a playmate and friend. A shy, and thus often lonely, child, she poured her energies into study and graduated from South High in Pueblo in 1985 as Valedictorian and with honors from Colorado State University in 1989. Her academic skills aren’t particularly impressive to her now, however, after having met so many far more brilliant people who had average grades. Her husband is one of those people, and she’s constantly awed at how he thinks and what he can remember.

Karina served in the Air Force as a Signals Intelligence Officer for four years, training at San Angelo, TX, before being stationed in San Vito, Italy, and Misawa, Japan. She loved the areas, liked the people, but didn’t much care for her job. Later, she joined the Reserves as an Intelligence Officer and had a far better time. She did special projects in Misawa, established an intelligence cell for 20th Air Force Headquarters in Cheyenne, WY, and worked on various studies and reports while at Peterson AFB, CO. She left the Reserves to devote herself fully to her children.

She met Rob in San Angelo. He was an officer in Air Force Space Command assigned in nearby El Dorado Missile Warning Station. They fell in love in a day, were engaged in two months (because she made him meet her parents first), and married 9 months later. Courtesy of the Air Force, they spent their first two years of marriage an ocean apart, thus enjoying a 2-year intermittent honeymoon and learning how to really communicate. They joined up in Japan, where they had their first two children, Steven and Amber. Alex and Liam were born in Colorado, thus completing the set.

Karina has been writing all her life, but began making a serious career of it in 1996, after reading a Harry Turtledove novel and thinking, “I could be writing things like this!” She gave up reading for Lent, took up writing, and soon, God started rolling in the opportunities.

Her nonfiction credits make a long list, but she has written for Catholic diocese magazines (local events, clergy interviews, and a saints column that ran several years), local newspapers (news and features), national parenting and pregnancy magazines, writing magazines, and the radio show, the Osgood Files, through acfnewsource. (See short works) She also has written several craft books. (See Books.)

Her fiction credits are somewhat fewer, but equally diverse. She writes primarily fantasy and science fiction, but has also written mysteries, children’s, and “regular” fiction. Her short stories are published on-line and in print magazines. (See Short Works.) She and Rob have edited two religioius SF books: Infinite Space, Infinite God, and Leaps of Faith. She has two novels looking for print homes and is working on two more novels. (See Books.)

Karina started homeschooling her children with second grade for Steven and Amber. It started out as a one-year experiment, but they so enjoy it that the plan right now is to continue through high school.

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