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The Media Room of Karina Fabian

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Available Workshops

Karina is available to do the following live or on-line workshops: 

Worldbuilding Workshop:


EPPIE-finalist Karina Fabian guides you through creating realistic worlds you'll want to write about and your readers will want to read more of.  You'll be given questions to guide you in imagining your world, suggestions for modeling your world on current or historical worlds, and exercises to make your worlds seem real. 


Karina has three major universes she's created to play in and has even created a website for her Dragon Eye, PI world.  (Come visit at


Virtual Book Tour:


Your book is published!  You've sent out the media releases and the review requests.  Now what?  You want to get the word out, but you don't have the money or the time to take it on the road.


Time to get on the Information Highway with a virtual book tour.  Karina Fabian will teach you the basics of setting up and conducting a book tour on the Internet.  We'll cover:

            *Finding websites that target your audience

            *The many ways of getting your book mentioned on-line from comments on a blog to interviews, chats, podcasts and more.

            *Presenting yourself effectively on-line.

            *Following up.

Karina has had wonderful success with her two virtual book tours to promote her Catholic SF anthology, Infinite Space, Infinite God.  (



Faith in Fiction:


Everyone is affected by religion, regardless of their particular faith--or lack thereof--so it only makes sense to consider religion when creating a believable fictional world. In "Faith in Fiction," four of the contributors to the Catholic SF anthology Infinite Space, Infinite God--who are also published in the areas of fantasy, science fiction, mystery and young adult novels--provide tips on weaving religion into the background and storyline to give your work depth of faith. You'll learn:

--How to project current religions into the future or onto your fantasy world: literary license vs. keeping true to the faith; doctrine vs. the needs of the story; dealing with the plurality of religions; when and how to check your faith facts.

--Creating a religion unique to your world: Understanding and applying the common elements of religion; how culture affects religion and visa-versa; considering the "age" of your religion; avoiding the common pitfalls of making up your own religion; creating and dealing with diverse religions or diverse points of view within a religion.

For more information, contact Karina.  Please put "Workshop query" in the subject line.

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