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The Media Room of Karina Fabian

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LA Times/UCLA Book Fair


            Is that science fiction in my religion or religion in my science fiction?


Fifteen stories about how the future Catholic Church and its members meet the challenges of the future, from time travel to transporter technology, genetic engineering to alien abduction, interstellar colonization and uncontrolled inter-city violence.  Captivating SF that makes you think.


Come explore the largest book fair in America.


*130,000 attendees                                                 

*370 famous authors

*literary, cultural and musical presentations   

*six different outdoor stages

*two giant children's areas                                 

*storytelling, crafts, costumed characters


Free Admission


See ISIG at the Author's Coalition Booth, #610, zone F.

UCLA Campus April 28 And 29

Click photo for more about the book fair.

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