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FabChat Room

Welcome to FabChat. 
FabChat is a weekly live chat for writers and readers of all interests and persuasions.  Join us to learn about books, the stories behind them, the lives of their authors and a little about the writing craft itself.
FabChat meets Thursday evenings at 8 PM Eastern (US) Time.  Look below the chat room for a schedule of guests.
NOTE:  Starting September 13, FabChat will be at a new time.  9-11 EST.  My apologies to the EST folks, but we're finding most people aren't showing up until later.

New York

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Upcoming Chats:
July 12:  Frank Creed talks about his newest book, Flashpoint.  Biblical cyberpunk?  God in the Netscape?  Join us in cyberspace and find out.
July 19:  Sis Zabrina talks about her poems, stories and the Islamic faith.
July 26:  Meet Sharon Hinck.   Sharon Hinck writes stories for the hero in all of us, including The Secret Life of Becky Miller (Bethany House, 2006) and Renovating Becky Miller (Bethany House, 2007). Her new fantasy novel, The Restorer (NavPress, May, 2007) takes readers on an adventure with a soccer mom who finds the courage to serve God in unexpected ways.
Aug 2:  Come chat with A.P Fuchs, publisher, super-hero nut and author of 12 books as we talk about his latest Axiom Man adventure.  A superhero whose strength comes from his soul.
August 9:  Kevin Lucia talks about the potential of dark, speculative genre of Christian fiction.  Kevin is a freelance and staff writer for Infuze Magazine, Title, Nappaland Internet Magazine for Families, and The Suspense Zone and will be in the anthology, Coach's Midnight Diner. (Guset host:  Cynthia MacKinnon)
August 16:  Lori Scott talks about her new series Meghan Rose and about writing for children.
August 23:  Virginia Jennings, author of junvenile SF with Christian themes, talks about her latest book Visionary from the Stars and what she's learned on her writing journey, from startig a story to working with publishers.
August 30:  Chad Lavender, contributor to Light at the Edge of Darkness, talks aobut Christian speculative fiction and his writing.
Septermber 6:  Meet Lida Quillen, publisher of Twilight Times Books.  Ask her your publishing questions and learn what they're looking for.
Fabchat time moves to 9-11 PM EST!
September 13: Suzanne Woods Fisher talks about her debut novel, Copper Star, an inspirational hsitorical novel.
September 20: Romance author Penelope Marzek.
September 27: Meet Maureen McQuerry the author of a YA fantasy, Wolfproof, the first in the Wolfproof Trilogy, Relentless Light, a collection of poems that won the New Eden Chapbook Award, Student Inquiry, a book for educators and editor/author of Nuclear Legacy, a collection of essays by students from Chernobyl, Ukraine and The Hanford Site in Richland ,WA, which was the finalist for the IPPY award for YA non-fiction in 2001.

October 4: Meet Amy Wallace, author of a series of novels about FBI agents Steven Kessler, Clint Rollins, and Michael Parker, who risk their lives and hearts serving in the Washington DC Crimes Against Children Unit.
October 11: Meet Dindy Robinson, owner and editor of Swimming Kangaroo Press.
October 18: Meet Mary Andrews, author of Fireborn, a sci fi novel where the universe's criminals are forcibly addicted to a drug and made to work to feed their addiction.
October 25: Just in time for Halloween: A vampire...a warewolf...can two wrongs make it right? Sue Dent talks about her first novel, Never Ceese.
November 1: Join Grace Bridges as she talks about her Christain science fiction novel, Faith Awakened. 
November 8: Michael Vance
November 15: Meet Helena Lehman, whose books and essays explore the biblical allegorical language that is found in the prophetic imagery of the Bible. 
FabChat breaks until January. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!
Previous Chats (For transcripts, contact Karina):
FEB 10, 8:00p.m.: Chat with Cynthia MacKinnon, editor of Light at the Edge of Darkness, as she explores Christian speculative fiction, writing and editing and more.
March 1: Are you a Catholic Writer looking for fellowship and help in getting published?  Chat with the officers of the Catholic Writers Guild and see if this group is for you.  (NO TRANSCRIPT)
March 8: Tara Maderino chats about psychics in fiction and her book Soul Guardian (TRANSCRIPT AVAILABLE)
March 15:  Colleen Drippe' chats  about writing for children and about her children's books, the Little Blue House books and Mystery at Miner's Creek (TRANSCRIPT AVAILABLE)
March 22:  Lea Schizas talks about her new YA fantasy Rock of Realm and writing for the young adult market. (TRANSCRIPT AVAILABLE)
March 29:  Schudule change:  Andrea Bell, author od Dawson's Gift, talks about Dawson, his last days, and the lives he touched both then and now.  Bring tissue! (TRANSCRIPT AVAILABLE)
April 5:  Daniel Weaver chats about his stories in Light at the Edge of Darkness and what he means by "fiction to scare the Jesus into you." (TRANSCRIPT AVAILABLE)
April 19:  Celebrate Karina's birthday with her as she becomes GoH on her own chat show!  Karina will talk about Infinite Space, Infinite God, religion in sci-fi, virtual book tours, dragon detectives and anything else that crosses her or your mind!  Stick around afterwards for the virtual party! (NO TRANSCRIPT--SORRY)
April 26:  Arr!  Get ready for faith-filled fun on the high seas as Mary Lou Tyndall talks about her pirate series, The Redemption, The Reliance, and The Restitution.  (TRANSCRIPT AVAILABLE)
May 3:  Jill Nelson, author of the "Reluctant..." series (romance/thriller) chats about her latest book, The Reluctant Runaway and what's hot in the romance market.
May 10:  Kirk Lowe of Gamma talks about LA Soldiers and producing audiobooks.
May 17:   The Force is strong in FabChat tonight!  Ann Lewis, former comic book writer and author of Star Wars: The New Essential Guide to Alien Species talks about sci-fi, the 30th anniversary of Star Wars and her new passion--Dr. Watson.  Come to this chat, you must.
May 24:  Joyce Anthony takes us by Storm with her book of that name.  Who he is and why he's here is a mystery, even to Storm--a mystery that can only be solved within the whirling rainbow. As he searches for answers, he touches the lives of society's forgotten and when he finds his identity, nobody is left untouched.
May 31:  Mary Connealy sets up some frontier fun with her romance, Petticoat Ranch.
June 7:  David Brollier talks about his book, The Third Covenant, the Christian Fiction Review Blog and how his faith influences his writing.
June 14:  As a relative newcomer to the publishing world, Larriane will chat about her two releases, The Knowing and Looking Glass Portal, her three upcoming releases, and how becoming a published author has affected her life. More info on her and her books can be found at
June 21:  Andrea and Adam Graham talk about their stories in the Biblical Spec-Fic anthology, Light at the Edge of Darkness and about their podcast show.
June 28:  Celebrities with a strong Christian faith?  You bet! Amy Hagberg author of a three-book series of testimonials by Christian athletes, musicians, and actors.  Join us as she talks about her faith and her work--and since she's a sales/marketing executive, maybe she'll have a tip or two for authors as well. 
July 5:  POSTPONED! Judie Brown, author of Saving All those Damned Catholics, a book about the logic and theology behind the most controversial Catholic teachings.  Come ready for some hard-hitting fun.
Scheduled but postponed:
--Pastor and author James Somers chats about writing, getting published, and his Chronicles of Soone trilogy.
--Judie Brown, author of Saving All those Damned Catholics, a book about the logic and theology behind the most controversial Catholic teachings.  Come ready for some hard-hitting fun.

Want to be on FabChat? Contact Karina. Be sure to include your name, publication, website and reason for wanting to be a guest.

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