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Catholic Science Fiction Anthology wins EPIC Award


Fredericksburg, VA--Infinite Space, Infinite God, an anthology of Catholic science fiction won the EPIC award for best electronically-published science fiction on March 10, 2007.


"We're especially excited because this year, there was no anthology category.  The fact that we competed so well against both SF novels and secular works shows how Infinite Space, Infinite God appeals to a wider audience than just Catholics," said Karina Fabian. Fabian edited the anthology with her husband Robert Fabian and has three stories in it.


The win doesn't surprise Fabian, however.  Infinite Space, Infinite God has already received several strong reviews that not only compliment the inspirational content but also the treatment of some difficult issues.  "This isn't fiction to make you feel good about your faith.  It's faith-filled fiction to make you think," Fabian said.   


Infinite Space, Infinite God features fifteen stories about the future Catholic Church.  They tell about Catholics struggling to evangelize to aliens and lost human colonies and to determine the soul-status for genetically modified humans, genetically-designed chimeras, and clones made from the Martian sand.  They feature the adventures of religious orders devoted to protecting interstellar travelers and inner-city priests.  Two stories explore how technical advances allow monks to live in solitude on the Moon and to help one criminal learn the true meaning of Confession.  The introductions discuss present doctrine and current trends in technology to set the framework for the stories and, the Fabians say, to encourage discussion. (For more, see


Its publisher, Twilight Times Books, also published the EPPIE winner Fire Owl and several EPPIE finalists.  The book is out in electronic format and comes out in print August 15.


The Fabians’ first anthology, Leaps of Faith, a Christian SF anthology, was a finalist for the 2003 EPPIE awards.  Karina Fabian helped found the Catholic Writer’s Guild, and Robert Fabian is a former speechwriter for the Chief of Staff of the Air Force and writes about space policy.  They continue to write science fiction and fantasy, some secular and some religious.  Learn more at


Infinite Space, Infinite God is available online at

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