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Catholic Writers' Guild Seeks Members

March for Members Membership Drive Kicks Off

Are you a Catholic writer loyal to the Magesterium and looking for a group of like-minded writers determined to assist each other in our publishing goals?
Are you an editor, publisher, or illustrator interested in furthuring the development of quality faith-filled writings?
If so, the Catholic Writers' Guild may be for you.
The Catholic Writers' Guild is a group of writers, artists, editors, illustrators, and allies whose mission is to be dedicated to helping one another build a vibrant Catholic literary and artistic culture. We do this by encouraging each other to create, publish, perform, and share our work,; by reflecting upon core Catholic values (i.e., those in accordance with the teaching of the Magisterium) in art; and by networking among ourselves and with others within the faith and literary communities. We are loyal to the teaching authority of the Church. Our full members are practicing Catholic writers, while associate members are those involved in the publishing world in other ways.  Associate members do not need to be Catholic, merely sympathetic to Catholic practices and morals.
We understand that, within the bounds of orthodoxy, there are infinite ways of validly expressing faith, and numerous ways of thinking about and approaching God. We also note that artists reach out to many audiences, not all of whom are Catholics, and that, with Paul, we often have to be all things to all people.

As members of CWG we have agreed to:

  • To treat each other with respect and dignity – although we may often disagree fiercely
  • To keep confidential any ideas shared by others within the group
  • To not "borrow" – without asking – our fellow writers proposals and ideas
  • To not use the mailing list of the group for commercial purposes – although we may    
     certainly inform one another of our publications, websites, writing opportunities, etc.
  • To not attempt to draw the group away from orthodoxy or the teaching of the Church
We achieve our mission under the guidance and protection of the Holy Family, our patrons.
Our members will benefit from the advice of other established writers; the camaraderie of working writers; member chats; online conferences; the advice of a chaplain and the prayer support of all CWG members; as well as exposure to markets, agents, artists and other guild members who share and are faithful to our unique mission. Other activities and benefits will be forthcoming as we grow and the Lord opens his doors to our call.
Our group was organized in 2006 when a number of members of Catholics Writers On-Line decided to organize in more depth in order to help build a Catholic literary movement.  Currently, we are busy with several projects, such as an active website which will have a place for members' author and book information, and an e-zine.  We have a newsletter with writing tips, author bios and market information.  We're working with Relevant Radio and Christendom College to create a weekly radio show that will showcase our work and give our writers exposure across the nation.  We are developing a CWG Seal of Excellence, which we intend to become a symbol of quality for Catholic writing.
Membership dues are currently $24 a year.
We hope that you will consider our invitation and join us in creating this vital Catholic community. 
If you have any questions or wish to have more information don’t hesitate to contact CWG president Karina Fabian at karina(at)
OR Join us for a chat Thursday, March 1st at 8p.m. Eastern US time on FabChat. Go to and click on FabChat in the navbar.

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